If you plan to raise capital from individual investors, self-directed IRAs can unlock trillions of dollars in retirement funds for your offerings.

The use of self-directed IRAs is on the rise, but capital fundraisers and investors are often unaware these monies can be used to invest in private offerings. Most IRA custodians (banks and brokerages) are unwilling to allow private offerings due to the new fiduciary rules. But, individuals who use The Advanta IRA® choose their own assets—which include private offerings and other alternative investments.

What Does This Mean for You?

You gain the opportunity to tap into trillions of self-directed retirement funds for continuous capital. Your clients reap the benefits of building tax-sheltered wealth for retirement.

infographic showing trillions of dollars available in IRAs for private offerings

Advanta IRA has streamlined this investing strategy for clients and capital fundraisers. The process is easy and the potential benefits are substantial.

For You:

  • Significantly expand the capital base of your current investor network by identifying retirement funds they can use to invest
  • A dedicated account manager for your clients gives you a single point of contact and streamlines the process
  • Informational materials for your clients and marketing materials for you
  • A customized landing page hosted by Advanta IRA that includes your company information and explains how private offerings work in self-directed IRAs.

For Your Clients:

  • Unlock an alternate source of funds using self-directed IRAs
  • Increased control to invest in alternatives to the stock market
  • Ability to shelter gains on private offering investments from taxation
  • Free educational tools and events about self-directed investing
  • Personal account manager delivering first-class customer service

Advanta IRA provides unmatched personal and professional client service in the self-directed retirement plan industry. Our staff has extensive knowledge and the critical expertise necessary to ensure our accounts maintain compliance with IRS rules. Our clients enjoy investing in a wide range of alternative assets to secure successful financial futures.

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