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See what our clients have to say about us!

“I have been working with Advanta IRA Services for nearly 15 years. They were Entrust of Tampa Bay when I first transferred my almost wiped out typical big bank invested 401k to them. Through their self-directed IRA option Advanta helped me not only preserve but highly increase my retirement fund. They have given me the freedom to explore some unique investment options and assisted me to implement the ones I chose to. I love that they are always in the forefront of financial investments and most importantly that they continue to share their knowledge with their clients.

When it comes to one on one client service, I could not be happier with Tiffany Jordan who has been my account manager for the past several years. She is extremely responsive, professional and courteous no matter how complicated, messy, or tedious the process is. I also highly appreciate how thorough and detailed Tiffany is and that she always makes sure to answer all my questions, no matter what.

If you are looking to take charge of your retirement wealth, Advanta IRA will give you the tools to do so. And if you are looking for the best customer service, Advanta IRA will treat you like a multimillionaire even if you’re not one. I know I am not.”

“Please indulge me for a moment while I share with you my delightful experience with one your exemplary employees, Tiffany Jordan (Jordan) who happens to be my family’s personal CISP Advanta IRA Account Manager. From day 1, which has been for quite some time now, Tiffany has been most professional. Her responsiveness to Individualized Customer Service is only matched by a burning passion to make sure that her Clients are taken care of.

She is relentless when it comes to assuring that you are given the highest quality of financial care. She explains everything in a way that we, as layman, have a thorough understanding. I particularly appreciates it when she asks, Stan, do you really understand that portion of the conversation that we just covered? She really wants us to comprehend what is happening with our investments.

Out of the blue She called one time just to see how things were going thus far and if there were any questions. This exemplifies true service that is balanced with compassion and an understanding that every client is different and has specific needs for their own personalized portfolio.

Recently there was a situation that arose with an account. She stepped in as a mediator, first to troubleshoot the incident, get all details from all involved and then explained everything which led to a agreed upon resolution for all parties involved.”

“Corey is wonderful to work with…he is very professional and proficient at what he does…all with a GREAT attitude focused on the client.”

“I would be remiss if I did not express to you how professional, responsive and accommodating that Advanta IRA has been to us. We have had a number of our clients choose to transfer their accounts to Advanta IRA, and I am pleased to say how pleasurable it has been to work with y’all. I have found the overall experience with competing service providers to be inferior to our experiences with Advanta IRA.”

“I cannot find words to express the excellence and the highest standards that you run this company. I have had only exemplary contact and interactions with Corey directly, and Paul, indirectly. Corey is professional, engaging, polite, diplomatic, and upbeat. I could not be happier I chose Advanta IRA. I am recommending you to my Facebook friends.”

“I originally started to use Advanta IRA with somewhere around $250,000. Now that I’m over 2 million dollars with them, I feel as comfortable today as I did with my first investment. The reason I’m up to the two million dollars is because of how they treated me when I only had $250,000.”

“My experience with Advanta (formerly Entrust of Tampa Bay) began in July 2009 and Ellen Palmer was one of the first people who helped me as an account administrator. While my experiences in real estate investing have been really difficult, working with Advanta IRA has not been.  Ellen has helped me navigate both the best and worst of circumstances with buyers, mortgagees, and renters over these seven years now.”

“I have been with Advanta IRA for five years. Not only is their entire staff friendly and helpful, their efficiency is second to none. They have incredible experience and knowledge regarding all of the rules and laws surrounding self-directed accounts.  As far as getting deals done, they go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they happen. Whether it is staying late or arriving early, no matter what the situation calls for they get it done. I highly recommend anyone looking to go the self-directed route stop right here.”

“Advanta IRA is by far the most pleasant IRA administrator I work with in my law practice, where I frequently work with clients eager to capitalize on non-traditional IRA investments. The staff at Advanta IRA is always ready to help and go the extra mile to ensure my clients’ IRA administration needs are covered quickly and correctly. I highly recommend this company.”

“I really love working with Advanta IRA. They make it easy for me to get real estate purchases done quickly.  My rep, Jason, takes care of everything for me promptly and is always very polite. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a self-directed IRA.”

“I came from a competing firm and Advanta IRA is a huge improvement. They are friendly, fast, and efficient.  I have been a client for over seven years and am still surprised at both their speed and accuracy of everything they do. They also are very easy to work with accepting mail, fax, and scanned pdfs for most items.”

“I have opened several accounts with Advanta IRA over the past year and have sent several of my clients to them. While a self-directed IRA is a great move for informed investors, the service from Advanta IRA is spot on and I highly recommend using them.”

“Advanta IRA’s employees have helped through every step of the process and what a pleasant experience it has been. They are a customer-centric organization and all my interactions have been pleasant, efficient and I am delighted to have them serve my financial needs. Special thanks to Mr. Chris Hemmer, my main contact at Advanta IRA.”

“Efficient, helpful and reasonable self-directed IRA management for entrepreneurs looking to invest in unique asset classes utilizing retirement capital. Communicates well with CPAs and investment entities to ensure compliance for each investment opportunity.”


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