Our Custodian

Mainstar Trust

Advanta IRA uses Mainstar Trust in Kansas, as our custodian of self-directed custodial accounts. The office of the State Bank Commissioners of Kansas regulates Mainstar and its oversight extends to Advanta IRA administered accounts. Mainstar has been a trusted custodian for nearly 40 years, currently serving over 110,000 accounts holding a market value of over $8 billion. Mainstar works in tandem with Advanta, providing excellent service for self-directed individual retirement arrangements, health savings accounts and educational savings accounts.

Mainstar is a non-depository custodian and bears no involvement in investment choices made by IRA holders. Their role is strictly custodial and/or administrative. The account owner or his/her authorized representative is required to order investment transactions, including choosing investments to be acquired by the account.

Like Advanta IRA, Mainstar does not provide investment, legal or tax advice, and neither entity guarantees, endorses, evaluates, certifies or suggests any investment.