Become an IRA Specialist

Advanta U is designed for CPAs, attorneys, and realtors to become specialists in all areas of self-directed IRAs. Becoming an IRA Specialist is beneficial for these professionals to offer their knowledge to current and potential clients who are investors. These retirement plans are popular among savvy investors who want to control their investment funds and choose their own investments.

Why investors use self-directed IRAs:

  • They want complete control of their own retirement funds and investment choices
  • They gain access to many alternative investments (real estate, precious metals, private loans and mortgages, and much more)
  • The desire to create critical diversity in retirement portfolios

Advanta U participants learn:

  • What self-directed IRAs are
  • The different types of self-directed plans available
  • Alternative investments permissible in these accounts
  • Prohibited transactions and disqualified persons per IRS rules
  • How to advise clients to maintain these accounts in compliance with IRS rules and regulations

How do you become an IRA Specialist?

Complete the following curriculum provided by Advanta IRA Services within 90 days to become an Advanta U graduate:

  • One credit for a course on real estate
  • One credit for a course on private lending
  • One elective topic (see our event calendar for options)
  • One-on-one marketing meeting with Advanta IRA
  • Download and read our free Self-Directed IRAs Made Easy booklet

The courses are offered monthly as webinars and seminars—at no cost to you! Visit our event calendar for dates and times these events are held. When viewing courses, look for events that specify courses as an Advanta U credit.

Upon completion of the required curriculum you receive:

  • A certificate of accomplishment that you are an IRA Specialist
  • A spot on our website’s professional resources page with a link to your website or listing of your contact information
  • An Advanta U shirt

Spread the word!

Please let your friends and business associates know they can become IRA Specialists, too! Download our flyer and feel free to give it to anyone who may be interested in attending Advanta U.

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