Advanta IRA University

Advanta IRA University (Advanta U) offers CPAs, attorneys, realtors, and other professionals the opportunity to become specialists in the realm of self-directed IRAs.

AdvantaU_Blog_ImageKnowledge of how self-directed plans operate is beneficial for these professionals in order to guide current and potential clients who are investors. These retirement plans are popular among savvy investors who want to control their investment funds and choose their own investments and create crucial diversity in their portfolios.

Why should you attend Advanta IRA University?

  • To learn what self-directed IRAs are and the different plans available
  • To gain knowledge of alternative investments permissible in these accounts
  • To use this knowledge to benefit current clients and attract new clients who are investors
  • To be acknowledged on Advanta IRA’s professional resources web page with a link to your web site or business contact information (*Certain restrictions apply)

Join Advanta IRA University

Advanta IRA University is designed for CPAs, attorneys, and realtors to become specialists in all areas of self-directed IRAs.