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Advanta IRA in Tampa Bay – Experts in Our Industry

We can help you build the wealth for retirement that you desire.

Advanta IRA leads our industry in self-directed IRA administration, offering clients more than 20 years of exceptional experience that is paramount in administrating self-directed IRAs. We serve clients nationwide and oversee $3 billion in assets under management. We have two regional offices—Advanta IRA in Tampa Bay, which is our corporate headquarters in Largo, Florida. This is a convenient location for people who live in Orlando and even Miami to attend local workshops and other events. We also have locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, NC strengthening our position to serve our clients across the United States.

Advanta IRA ensures your account administration is performed properly and in compliance with IRS regulations. We file reports for you and provide account statements you need. We also help you understand contributions, distributions, and transaction rules. You are able to focus on the important task of identifying promising investments to add to your portfolio.

Our team consists Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISPs), Self-Directed IRA Professionals (SDIPs), and attorneys. We don’t give investing or legal guidance. However, our expertise helps ensure the investing process within your self-directed plans is seamless and easy.

Whether you live in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or anywhere else in the nation, you get the dedicated service you deserve.


Enjoy powerful resources and a complimentary educational platform to help you succeed.

Advanta IRA offers a unique combination of personal and professional knowledge to make self-directing simple for you. When you choose us as your plan administrator, you receive:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Free, weekly interactive webinars
  • Virtual Investor Networking events that draw a nationwide audience
  • For professionals—educational workshops at your location

Our events often feature special guests who share their knowledge, tips for success, and industry expertise.

Our goal is to help you learn more about alternative assets so you can invest with confidence. Whether you choose real estate investing, private lending, gold, or any of the many other assets available, Advanta IRA gives you the freedom to invest in what you know best.

Visit us:

13191 Starkey Rd
Suite 2
Largo, FL 33773

Hours of operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 5:00pm ET
Friday 8:30 – 4:00pm ET