Webinar – The Safest Way to Build Real Estate Cash Flow

David Tilney shares the safest way to build real estate cash flow for buy and hold investors. David will explain master leasing and how you can control real estate with this technique. He will also guide us through understanding how to have great relationships with our … Read More

Webinar – Putting Your 2019 Contribution to Work

Now that you have made your contributions for 2019 (or for some of you, something you will do in the next few weeks), how can you invest those funds? Keep in mind that with a self-directed retirement account, the possibilities are just about endless. Read More

Webinar – Vetting Private Placements

Interest in making investments using retirement funds into private placements is on the rise. Have you considered making an investment into a private placement/equity? When we invest in the stock market, we feel like the due diligence is partially done, but where do you start when you … Read More