Pitch, Promote, & Prosper

Join like-minded investors where you will have the unique opportunity to network, pitch, and promote some of your haves and wants. All are welcome and are encouraged to present topics for discussion to the group. Read More

Webinar – The Power of Checkbook Control IRAs!

With over 20 years combined experience and expertise, Scott Maurer and Alex Perny will explain how checkbook IRAs are structured, what benefits they offer, how to use an LLC or trust for checkbook control in a self-directed IRA, and much more. Read More

Webinar – Investing in Startups Post-COVID-19

How has the recent COVID-19 pandemic shifted business? How have investment opportunities changed because of COVID-19? Do you know what to look for in business and start-up investment opportunities in 2020?  Anthony Ornella answers these questions and more. Read More