Webinar – Tenancies & Evictions: Landlording 101

Are you interested in owning rental property but overwhelmed at the details regarding tenant issues and eviction processes? Conrad Grant joins Advanta IRAs Scott Maurer to share his perspective as an attorney in this informative webinar. Register now to learn more. Read More

Webinar – Checkbook IRA Basics

Are you interested in setting up a Checkbook IRA? Join Corey Daharsh as he discusses some of the key aspects to establishing, investing, and winding down a Checkbook Control IRA. Read More

Corey Daharsh of Advanta IRA is speaking at Park Capital Partners Virtual Investor Event

Park Capital Partners Investor Event

Advanta IRA's Corey Daharsh joins Park Capital Partners' online panel discussion featuring industry professionals to help inform you on ways you can use your self-directed IRA funds to create passive income. Read More