IRA Alternative Investments

Invest in What You Know Best with IRA Alternative Investments

IRA alternative investments include real estate, private equity, precious metals, start-ups, cryptocurrency, and much more. These assets can potentially build wealth at a faster pace than traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. As a self-directed IRA owner, you decide what options to add to your plan, making decisions to invest in what you know and understand.

Take Control.
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Self-directed IRAs allow you to do all of this and more. This short video explains how IRA alternative investments work to help build the wealth you’re looking for in retirement.
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Types of Alternative Investments

Why Invest in Alternative Assets?

Alternatives present a broad asset class that typical retirement plan custodians (banks, brokerage accounts, employer plans, etc.) do not allow. This is why savvy individuals use self-directed IRAs—to gain access to options besides stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs. The only investments that are not allowed in self-directed plans are life insurance and collectibles, which means nearly endless options for you to choose from to build retirement wealth.

Invest in alternative assets if you want to:

  • Avoid daily stress over stock market volatility
  • Use assets that offer unique diversity and greater earning potential in your portfolio
  • Rely on your own knowledge and expertise to secure your retirement future
  • Invest in socially responsible and sustainable investments that match your core values
  • Gain access to tangible assets like multifamily and commercial property, rentals, mobile homes, precious metals, as well as futures and forex, private lending, crowdfunding, and other investments
  • Continue to trade options, such as stocks, if you desire—traditional assets are permissible in self-directed IRAs, too

Alternative investments also have the potential to earn greater income in a shorter timeframe than traditional assets. You can use short and long-term assets to maximize the growth in your account within your comfort zone. When you base your investment choices on your own knowledge, you can further increase your chances of reaching your financial goals to save for retirement.


Accounts that Allow Alternative Investments

Traditional and Roth IRAs are popular, with Roth being the favorite for those who qualify to use them. SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and individual 401(k)s are great choices for self-employed individuals. Advanta IRA also offers recordkeeping accounts. And, you can self-direct education savings accounts (ESAs) as well as health savings accounts (HSAs).


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