Third-Party Administrators

Expand Your investment offerings

More people than ever have taken control of their retirement accounts by investing in real estate, private placements, and private loans. Third-party administrators can offer the ability to invest in assets like these to the employers who use their services. Small business owners and other professionals with 401(k) and pension plans for their office want more diverse investment options inside their qualified plans. Advanta IRA can work with you and your clients to offer self-direction as an option.

Advanta IRA acts as the recordkeeper for alternative investments and handles the day-to-day record-keeping of these assets inside a qualified plan. Your firm continues to handle the administrative tasks for the plan, including plan testing and 5500 reporting. Advanta IRA provides easy, efficient processing and funding, as well as annual statements for each account for you to include in your annual reports.

How Third-Party Administrators Benefit

  • Gain the ability to offer clients a more diverse investment portfolio than other TPAs.
  • Acquire a trusted partner who acts as recordkeeper for alternative assets that brokerage firms do not hold.
  • Receive accurate annual reports and online access to use in your annual IRS reporting.
  • Can perform in-kind rollovers to IRAs of alternative assets (like real estate, private placements, private notes, etc.) from plans that are terminating.
  • Access to educational tools to help explain the self-direction process to you and your clients



How Your Clients Benefit

  • Use a portion of their qualified plan to invest in alternative assets.
  • Make alternative investments in the plan, rather than terminating or amending the plan.
  • Gain recordkeeping services to receive income and pay expenses related to assets in the plan.
  • Employees are offered diverse investment possibilities within a company-sponsored plan.
  • Easy in-kind rollover to IRAs to invest in diverse holdings.
  • Unparalleled customer service from a dedicated account manager for third-party administrators and your clients.