Investors & Syndicators

Find Investing Capital in IRAS

Investors and syndicators who understand self-directed IRAs can raise additional capital from this resource and help your own investors grow their retirement accounts.

Whether your next project is a real estate development, rehab property, or a multifamily/commercial syndication, do not overlook the $29 trillion retirement fund market. Many investors do not realize they have the funds to invest because they are not aware that they can use their IRA or old 401(k) this way. However, once you explain how it works, it may be a win-win situation for all.

Our job at Advanta IRA is not to sell your investment, but to give you a straightforward, simple process to help your clients place their IRA funds into your investment. We’ve worked with investors and syndicators for over 15 years, and you can count on us to deliver unparalleled service to you and your clients.

How Investors & Syndicators Benefit

  • Innovative way to raise more capital from individuals.
  • Ability to tap into your existing investor database and show them a tax-advantaged way to make their next investment with you.
  • Personal account manager for all of your investors so you have one point of contact.
  • Branded landing page and marketing collateral (your logo and information) to give potential investors.
  • Streamlined process and utilization of DocuSign for your clients to invest with their IRA.
  • Fast and efficient processing of new accounts and investment paperwork.
  • Educational tools to assist you and your clients.



How Your Clients Benefit

  • Ability to use their retirement account to invest with you.
  • We charge a flat fee, not a percentage of the asset value.
  • Returns on investments are deposited into the IRA and are not considered personal income.
  • One personal account manager to handle all of their account needs.
  • Earn higher returns investing with you than on mutual funds.
  • Portfolio diversity is achieved without riding the stock market roller coasters.