Financial Advisors

Self-directed IRA services

As an elite self-directed IRA service provider, Advanta IRA does not sell investments or offer investing advice, and therefore, we do not compete with financial advisors for your clients. We work in tandem with you and your clients who want to acquire alternative investments in their retirement plans.

Self-direction allows people to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private placements, and startup companies. As a trusted financial advisor, your knowledge in this realm can play a critical part in them achieving financial success in retirement.

When your clients come to you with a specific investment option that cannot be held on your platform, you can rely on our expertise to meet their needs and help them invest with a self-directed IRA or 401(k). We ensure their plan stays tax-protected and that the investment is purchased under the plan’s umbrella. We can then assist them in reinvesting the returns back to your platform as they choose.

How Financial Advisors Benefit

  • Stand out from the competition because you can offer your clients an investment funding source they didn’t know they had.
  • Offer your clients a way to diversify their retirement portfolios and expand their investment opportunities.
  • Provide your clients with a trusted and knowledgeable resource in a firm that can hold their alternative investments and facilitate those transactions.
  • Gain a trusted resource for you (and your clients) to contact with questions about alternative assets, the possibilities and the limitations.
  • Educational tools to help financial advisors and your clients learn about the power of self-direction.



How Your Clients Benefit

  • Use a portion of their retirement funds to invest in assets they know and understand.
  • Earn tax-deferred (or tax-free) income in their self-directed IRAs.
  • Pay a flat annual recordkeeping fee instead of an asset performance-based fee.
  • Get efficient processing and funding.
  • Work with one account manager on every transaction.
  • Receive accurate recordkeeping and administration of their self-directed account.
  • Access to knowledgeable experts who can answer all of their questions.
  • Can have multiple retirement accounts and move cash and assets between the plans as needed.