Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding investments are more popular than ever, thanks to the tax laws that broadened the pool of investors who can take advantage of certain private placements. For crowdfunding platforms, this means that you can greatly increase your investor base by allowing individuals with self-directed IRAs to invest on your platform.

These accounts allow owners to invest in a myriad of crowdfunding projects, whether they are private lending or real estate opportunities. There are over $9 trillion in IRAs alone, and many of the individuals holding those funds do not realize they can use some of those funds to invest in the opportunities presented on your platform.

How Crowdfunding Platforms Benefit

  • Offer your clients another solution on how they can invest on your crowdfunding platform.
  • No lengthy review process of the investment offerings on your platform.
  • Private landing page, branded with your logo and information, to help inform your potential investors of the investment capital that exist in self-directed IRAs.
  • Advanta IRA handles all the details, from set-up to purchases, and ongoing maintenance of the accounts.
  • Personal account manager works with all of your investors, making the process run more smoothly for all.
  • Educational tools to help you and your clients understand self-direction.



How Your Clients Benefit

  • Have access to experts to answer questions and ensure a seamless investing process.
  • Can invest in various options with IRA or old 401(k) funds and not tap into personal savings.
  • Grow tax-advantaged retirement nest-eggs through innovative opportunities on your crowdfunding platform.
  • Have one personal account manager to help navigate the process and ensure compliance with IRA rules.
  • Online account opening and streamlined processing of investment paperwork using DocuSign.
  • Freedom to choose their own investments.