Capital Raisers

Funding for Capital Raisers from an IRA

Funding for capital raisers can be found in individuals who use self-directed IRAs. The retirement account market holds approximately $29 trillion—an untapped resource for private equity firms, fund managers, and others seeking to raise capital. Self-directed IRA and 401(k) owners can invest their retirement funds with capital raisers and build tax-sheltered income on the returns.

Many people are not aware they can invest with retirement funds without taking a distribution from their plan. But once they understand that self-directed plans allow them to choose their own assets and give them the liberty of investing in alternative options—this opens the door for them to invest those funds with you.

Advanta IRA has over 15 years of experience working with capital raisers and accredited investors. We handle various private placement investments in IRAs and are familiar in dealing with subscription packets.

How Capital Raisers Benefit

  • Raise more capital for your fund or company.
  • A quick and efficient investing process with you and your clients.
  • No approval process or review period for your clients to use their Advanta IRA to invest.
  • Personal account manager for all your investors so you have one point of contact.
  • Branded landing page and marketing collateral to help you inform investors about using their IRAs to invest with you.



How Your Clients Benefit

  • Ability to tap into their retirement account to invest with capital raisers.
  • Advanta IRA charges a flat fee, not a percentage of the asset value or commission.
  • Easy process to place their retirement funds into your investment.
  • Personal account manager to handle all of their account needs.
  • Returns are paid to the IRA and do not affect their personal tax return.
  • Earn higher returns from alternative investments rather than a low-interest CD.
  • Diversified portfolio that doesn’t depend on the stock market.