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Learn how to take control and give yourself the freedom to choose where YOU invest your money.


Episode 37: Alternative Options to Save on Healthcare | 6/29/22

Join Alex as he discusses how an HSA can provide options for healthcare savings as well as tax-advantaged growth!LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 36: Jumping into Multifamily Investing with American Ninja Warrior Miriam McKisic | 6/15/22

This week we are jumping into how you can escape working the classic 9-5 for commercial real estate investing with Miriam McKisic, an American Ninja Warrior. She and Alex will discuss how she went from a W2 to where she is today. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 35: Understanding True Diversity in Retirement Investments | 6/8/22

Join Alex as he covers how to grow your retirement portfolio off wall-street. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 34: Buying the Right Property in Today’s Inflated Real Estate Market with John Schaub | 6/1/22

Alex Perny welcomes John Schaub to discuss how you can navigate tenants (and tenant issues), owner financing, and exorbitant home prices. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 33: Lions & Tigers & Bear Markets, Oh My! | 5/25/22

Join Alex Perny as he analyzes the recent events in cryptocurrency markets and beyond! LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 32: Socially Conscious Investing with Paul Karrlsson-Willis | 5/18/22

Alex Perny welcomes Paul Karrlsson-Willis of Justly to talk about how you can be a socially conscious investor. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 31: Utilize Private Lending Opportunities in Your IRA | 5/11/22

In this episode, Alex takes a deep dive into how to use IRAs to hold mortgages for tax-free cash flow. Don’t leave money on the table when it comes to private lending and your IRA, learn how you can utilize this type of investment today. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 30: From Apartments to Car Washes—Strategies to Build Wealth with Chris Larsen | 5/4/22

Join Alex Perny, Corey Daharsh, and Chris Larsen of Next Level Income as they analyze the full spectrum of commercial real estate investments from apartments to car washes. Learn how Chris got started, and what you need to know to begin investing in the commercial real estate market. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 29: The 7 Red Flags of Commercial Real Estate Investing with Dan Handford | 4/27/22

Dan Handford, a seasoned real estate investor, joins Alex Perny on this episode of the Alternative Investing Advantage to share 7 red flags to look out for when it comes to investing in commercial real estate. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 28: Self-Storage Investing with Jonathan Cattani | 4/20/22

Alex is joined by Jonathan Cattani to discuss how you can use self-storage investments to build wealth. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 27: Last Minute Tax Savings | 4/13/22

Don’t let tax savings go up in smoke there is still time to make IRA contributions! Alex Perny shares some last-minute tax tips for those still putting the final touches on their 2021 tax filings. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 26: Becoming an Alternative Investor with Reneika Lightbourne | 4/06/22

Alex takes a deep dive with Self-Directed IRA investor Reneika Lightbourne. Learn how she got her start on investing with her self-directed IRA and how that led her to become a business development specialist with Advanta IRA. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 25: A Market Update with Mobile Home Investor Adrian Smude | 3/30/22

How do you find profitable and affordable deals in this crazy real estate market? Alex welcomes Adrian Smude, a seasoned mobile home investor, to discuss his strategies for investing when the market is hot. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 24: Long-Term Profits with Short-Term Rentals with Nectar | 3/23/22

Alex Perny is joined by Derrick Barker and Andres Sandate of Nectar to discuss how you can grow your short-term rental portfolio into an empire. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 23: The Dirty Jobs of Real Estate with Laura Spaulding | 3/16/22

Hoards, drug labs, deaths…don’t let these issues stop you from buying property! Alex talks with Laura Spaulding about her unique and important business, and why investing in properties with less than savory backstories can be in your best interest. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 22: Navigating Checkbook Control IRAs with Attorney John Hyre | 3/9/22

Don’t fall victim to avoidable issues with your checkbook control IRA, join Alex Perny and his guest John Hyre. Together they will discuss court cases, and ways you can avoid any issues that may arise when using your IRA to invest in alternative assets. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 21: Taking the Mystery Out of IRA Financing | 3/2/22

Alex Perny of Advanta IRA shares tips on avoiding unrelated business income tax (UBIT) levied on unrelated debt financed income (UDFI) when your IRA borrows money to invest. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 20: All Investments that Glitter Aren’t Gold | 2/23/22

Navigate the purchase of precious metals correctly or pay a hefty price. Listen in as Alex Perny discusses how precious metals can benefit your retirement strategy. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 19: Extracting Profits with Oil & Gas Royalties with Jim Hiza | 2/16/22

Alex Perny is joined in this episode by Jim Hiza who explains how drilling for minerals can make you barrels of profits. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 18: Borrowing Money the Right Way with an IRA with Ryan Hughes | 2/9/22

Alex Perny is joined in this episode by Ryan Hughes who shares how you can get bigger deals with your IRA using non-recourse loans. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 17: Cracking the Code for Investing in Syndications | 2/2/22

Listen to Alex Perny and guest Jennifer Barner from Lighthouse Ventures as they discuss how to find your way through real estate syndications. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 16: Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here with Billy Batson | 1/26/22

Join Alex Perny and Billy Batson as they discuss how he went from a 9-5 to building real estate investment and educational empire. Learn from his experiences, and take away tips that can help you on your investing journey. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 15: Use Your IRA to Invest Internationally with Jamie Vrijhof-Droese | 1/19/22

In this episode Alex is joined by Jamie Vrijhof-Droese who heads the business development of WHVP and advises a group of international clients with respect to international diversification and asset protection. Together they will discuss how you can use your IRA to invest internationally. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 14: Long-Term Real Estate Investing with Dyches Boddiford | 1/12/22

Real estate investing is one of our most popular investment options, and one we receive the most questions about. If you are interested in long-term real estate investing you will gain a lot of knowledge from Dyches Boddiford. With over 40 years of real estate investing experience, Dyches shares his advice on getting started or growing your real estate portfolio. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 13: Real Estate Investing Tips with Syndication Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor | 12/22/21

Are you interested in investing in real estate syndications? Start here with syndication attorney Kim Lisa Taylor as she discusses the legalities of syndication investing. Kim shares her expertise alongside Alex Perny— a valuable conversation for investors of all levels. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 12: Knocking Your Way to Success with Bill cook | 12/15/21

On this episode Alex talks to Bill Cook about how he grew his company on the timeless principle of door knocking. He shares his insights on how he grew his portfolio, and what his company provides to investors looking to get started. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 11: Using Tech to Invest in Apartment Syndications with Jake Marmulstien | 12/8/21

Alex Perny welcomes Jake Marmulstein, the founder, president, and CEO of Groundbreaker Technologies. He is the creator of one of the leading investor management portals and will share what he has learned from working with hundreds of syndication projects and how that can help your investment portfolio. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 10: Creating Income with Senior Living Properties with Vinney Chopra | 11/17/21

Alex Perny welcomes Vinney Chopra, who shares his story of coming to the United States with $7 in his pocket to his success today. As a multifamily sponsor, he has facilitated over 26 successful syndication deals and manages a successful real estate investment portfolio worth over $200 million. In this episode of Target Market Insights, he shares his thoughts on which markets are emerging and how to identify them. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 9: Level-up Your Real Estate Investments with Steven Libman | 11/10/21

Alex Perny welcomes Steven Libman of Integrity Holdings, who shares his background in real estate investing. Alex and Steven discuss how to go from single family wholesale investments to multi-million dollar commercial apartment syndications. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 8: How to Invest in Multifamily Properties | 11/3/21

Alex Perny welcomes Richard Coyne & Bill Zahller, who shares the ins and outs of multifamily investing. Learn how they grew from single family investing to starting Park Capital Partners, LLC. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 7: Building Wealth One House at a Time with John Schaub | 10/27/21

Alex Perny welcomes John Schaub, who shares his real estate investing tips, tricks, and insights. Whether you are considering purchasing your first investment property, or 50th, John leaves you with the information you need to grow your real estate portfolio. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 6: Creating Profitable Long-Term Investments with Gino Barbaro | 10/20/21

How do you create profitable long-term investments? Alex Perny welcomes Gino Barbaro of Jake and Gino. Together they discuss strategies that Gino has used to create profitable investments, how he started in the investment world, and tips you can take with you as you start (or continue on) your investment journey. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 5: Protect Your IRA from the New Legislation with John Hyre | 10/13/21

Alex Perny speaks with attorney, John Hyre about how the provisions in the proposed Build Back Better legislation is set up to hurt retirement funds and investments. They also provide actionable steps you can take to fight the harmful provisions in this legislation. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 4: The Benefits of Alternative Investments with Jack Callahan | 10/6/21

Alex Perny welcomes Advanta IRA founder Jack Callahan. They discuss how Advanta IRA began and why our focus is self-directed IRAs, and the options investors have when investing in alternative assets. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 3: Upcoming Legislation & How it Can Impact Your Self-Directed Investments | 9/29/21

Alex Perny and Scott Maurer of Advanta IRA discuss provisions in the proposed new legislation that has the potential to negatively effect IRA investors. Find out the details and how to get the provisions removed today. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 2: Investing in Mobile Homes with Adrian Smude | 9/22/21

Are you interested in investing in real estate? Alex Perny of Advanta IRA welcomes Adrian Smude, a long-time investor in mobile homes. Together they discuss strategy, pitfalls, and successes found in real estate investing—specifically, investing in mobile homes. LISTEN NOW>>

Episode 1: Investing Strategies for a Better Lifestyle Featuring Pete Fortunato | 9/15/21

Do you want to create investing strategies that help to fund your dream lifestyle? Alex Perny of Advanta IRA welcomes Pete Fortunato, a long-time investor. Together they discuss strategy, pitfalls, and successes found in investing. Plus, Pete shares his tips on how to create income that will fund your dream lifestyle. LISTEN NOW>>

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