Forms and Fee Schedule

Please use the forms below to open an account, make changes to an existing account, or instruct Advanta IRA to purchase an investment with your self-directed IRA. You will also find our fee schedule. If you have any questions, please give us a call 800.425.0653.


To open a new account, complete the appropriate forms below and submit the signed originals and a legible copy of your driver’s license to our office via mail, fax 866.385.6045 or email [email protected]. Depending upon the account type, you may need to submit additional forms with the application.

The forms below must be completed and signed by the IRA owner and sent to Advanta IRA via fax 866.385.6045 or email [email protected] to initiate the purchase of a new investment. An Advanta IRA representative will contact you if additional documents are required to process the investment purchase.

See our comprehensive fee schedule below.