Commercial & Multifamily Property

Investing in Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate

Commercial property encompasses strip malls, restaurants, retail and office space as well as multifamily properties like condos and townhouses. Income comes from rent payments, dividends from an investment partnership, or proceeds from the sale of the property.

Your self-directed IRA can invest on its own or partner funds with yours, another IRA, or a person. Your IRA can also invest inside an LLC or LP where a percentage of the property is purchased and income and expenses are paid based on that percentage of ownership.


  • Hiring a property manager makes it easy to oversee multiple units, receive rent, pay expenses, and screen tenants.
  • Make sure your IRA retains enough funds after purchase to cover expenses of the asset.
  • Perform due diligence by researching property history and verifying the people you’re working with to invest are on the up-and-up.
  • You and disqualified persons are unable to rent or vacation in the property.

Advanta IRA handles hundreds of commercial and multifamily property investment transactions every year for our clients who use self-directed retirement plans. Our staff works closely with clients to ensure the administrative details of all investments are performed within the regulations of the IRS. Please give us a call if you have any questions 800.425.0653.

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