Real Estate Investments

Invest in What You Know Best

When you use a self-directed IRA, you have control and the choices of real estate investments are yours to make. You can buy and flip property for an immediate gain or rent commercial, single and multifamily property for monthly income. Your IRA can also use tax liens and private lending transactions, like notes and mortgages, to build wealth for retirement.

These assets provide diversity in your retirement portfolio and can be less volatile than traditional options such as stocks or mutual funds. The key to using self-directed retirement plans is to invest in what you know best, and this asset class offers many options that have the wealth-building potential you’re looking for. Since you’re in control of choosing those assets, if you’re interested in acquiring an option you don’t fully understand, you can educate yourself and also draw on the expertise of professionals in the industry for guidance.

The following short video explains how you can easily begin building retirement income using IRA-owned property. Explore the visual navigation below to see the most popular assets individuals use in their IRAs.

Property assets provide cash flow today and gains on appreciation tomorrow.


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