Use your IRA or old 401(k) to Invest with Us

The country’s affordable housing crisis is well documented. In both good and bad economic times, there is always significant demand for affordable housing. Our investment strategy is to supply this affordable housing in the form of MHPs. Our goal is to purchase and rehab small to medium-sized MHPs that are currently generating positive cash flow; additionally, these MHPs have further upside due to a combination of poor management systems, improper capitalization, and/or lack of knowledge. We seek to purchase MHPs with the aim to create both income and equity growth.

The following accounts can be used:

  • Traditional or Roth IRA
  • Former employer’s 401(k) or any employer’s plan (403b, 457, TSP, etc)

Are you ready to get started? Contact:

Larissa Greene
800.425.0653, ext. 1140
[email protected]

You can also complete the request for a free consultation or click on the link below to open your account online.

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About Sunrise Capital Investors LLC

Sunrise Capital Investors, LLC is an established Real Estate Investment Company that acquires, improves, and operates Mobile Home Parks. Our mission is to provide an excellent return on investment for our equity partners, while at the same time providing affordable housing to thousands of families.


Sunrise Capital Investors

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