Use your IRA or old 401(k) to Invest with Us

You may not know this, but the IRS allows your IRA or old 401(k) account to invest with Lanier Family Office. Most IRA custodians (usually banks or brokerage houses) do not allow investments in alternative assets, but Advanta IRA does.

The following accounts can be used to invest with Lanier Family Office:

  • Traditional IRA or Roth IRA
  • Former employer’s 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, etc.

To learn more, contact Reneika Lightbourne:
[email protected]
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About Lanier Family Office

Lanier Family Office is the only Lake Lanier based family office that offers physical gold and silver bullion, bars and coins. Our mission is designed to educate local families about insulating their wealth from a wider spiritual battle over the soul of America. To do that, we make it as easy as possible for our neighbors to bedrock their savings into physical gold and silver bullion, bars and coins, while assisting their friends and family to do the same through our referral program. We prefer local business and stand by Advanta IRA, the clear Self-directed choice in North Georgia.

For more information about Lanier Family Office, contact their customer service team:

(470) 253-1332
[email protected]

Lanier Family Office

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