Use Your IRA or Old 401(k) to Invest with Elante Capital

You may not know this, but the IRS allows your IRA or old 401(k) account to invest with New Level Investments. Most IRA custodians (usually banks or brokerage houses) do not service alternative assets. But Advanta IRA does. This affords you the opportunity to combine the investment returns generated by Elante Capital with the tax-advantaged status of your retirement account.

Accounts that can be used

Individual Accounts

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • HSA – Health Savings Account

Employer Accounts

  • Solo 401(k)

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Contact Corey Daharsh with Advanta IRA at 727-223-3046 for assistance on this process.

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Elante Capital

Elante Capital is a commercial real estate investment firm. We help investors make the right investment in commercial real estate by providing investment opportunities. We work hard so you do not have to.

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