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FREE self-directed IRA account set-up PLUS only $250 fee per asset regardless of the value of that asset.* That’s a total savings of at least $95!

Set-up your self-directed IRA with Advanta IRA today and we’ll waive the $50 account set-up fee plus you’ll only pay $250 per asset per year- regardless of the value! AND you don’t need an LLC.

Why Is Advanta IRA the best choice for you?

Advanta IRA is the first choice of investors who want unparalleled, one-on-one service for their self-directed retirement plans. As a leader in self-directed account administration with over $1.3 billion in client assets under management, Advanta IRA delivers expert, professional service—with a personal touch.

The Advanta IRA Advantage

  • Industry experts: We have over 15 years of experience and success in our industry. Our staff is comprised of attorneys, CPAs, Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISP) and Self-Directed IRA Professionals (SDIP).
  • Unparalleled customer service: Each client has a dedicated account manager to handle all aspects of their account throughout the investing process.
  • Cutting-edge educational platform: We provide weekly seminars and webinars, blogs, case studies, and videos to help you maximize your retirement investments.
  • FDIC protection: All uninvested cash in your Advanta IRA is held exclusively in FDIC insured institutions, up to applicable limits.

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*Savings for new account set-up only

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