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Frequently Asked Self-Directed IRA Questions

What is a self-directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA gives account owners the ability to use their own knowledge and expertise in choosing their own investments from a large variety of alternative assets that can potentially build tax-free or tax-deferred wealth faster pace than traditional investment methods.

Why haven’t I heard of self-directed IRAs before?

Most banks and brokerage firms use traditional investments that they sell, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, when choosing assets for your IRA. Your current financial professional may not even be aware of the variety of additional options available to you as a consumer. Self-directed IRAs allow you to choose alternative investments that exist outside the Wall Street norm to build retirement wealth.

Can other plans be self-directed besides a traditional IRA?

Yes. Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE IRAs, individual 401(k), health and education savings plans can all be self-directed. Visit our Self-Directed Plans page to view details of each of these accounts.

Why should I choose Advanta IRA?

Advanta IRA values our clients and strives to provide unsurpassed personal and professional service in all that we do. With over 15 years in the financial industry, we provide exceptional administrative services and ensure the elements of your self-directed investment accounts comply with all IRS rules and regulations.

Our team offers cutting-edge educational curriculum for investors with the goal of helping them understand how self-directed accounts can build wealth at a potentially faster pace than traditional investment methods allow. Although we offer no specific investment advice or opinions, Advanta IRA does offer our clients the freedom to choose their own investments to earn retirement income.

What does Advanta IRA offer for my retirement plan?

Advanta IRA is considered an agent for custodial banks. We provide record keeping as well as tax reporting for non-traditional assets in self-directed accounts. For plans which are deemed qualified under the IRS code such as the individual 401(k), we provide the plan documents as well as record-keeping services for the assets you choose. In addition, we offer a “Do Your Own” plan. We provide you the IRS-approved plan documents, and you do the record-keeping.



Your self-directed IRA can purchase a property, renovate and flip it for a quick return or hold the property for several years to make a profit through rental income. There are many types of real estate investments to choose. The point is, with a self-directed real estate IRA, the choice is yours to make.


Private lending has become a popular investment tool for self-directed IRA owners. Your IRA plays the part a bank normally would and extends loans for mortgages and trust deeds, secured and unsecured notes, as well as judgments and structured settlements.


Single-member LLCs, also known as checkbook IRAs, are a unique investing tool that skilled investors utilize in order to facilitate the purchase of alternative investments.


Acquiring private funding is one way that LLCs, C corporations, limited partnerships and a few other entities gain capital to grow their businesses. Providing funds from your self-directed IRA to invest in private placements is a great way to diversify your portfolio.


Precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum offer investors exceptional IRA diversification and potential appreciation in today’s economy. Precious metals are often touted as a hedge against market instability and inflation. You can also purchase gold and silver bullion, as well as American Eagle gold and silver coins.


Some examples of other investment options that you can hold in your self-directed IRA include:

Oil & Gas Rights
Tax Certificates
Structured Settlements
Convertible Notes


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