Is a Self-Directed IRA Right For You?

Someone you know thinks so!

They have already realized the benefits of self-directing their retirement funds to invest in alternative assets. And they think you may benefit from taking control of your IRA or old 401(k) to invest in what you know best.

Do you:

  • Want control of your retirement funds?
  • Want to invest in real estate, a start-up, or precious metals, but need funds for the deal?
  • Want to diversify your retirement portfolio and step off the stock market roller coaster?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact Advanta IRA today at 800.425.0653 or [email protected]


Advantages of a self-directed IRA

  1. Self-directed IRA investments are not limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  2. Self-directed IRAs can invest in a large pool of alternative assets like real estate, private mortgages, private equity, precious metals and much more.
  3. Account owners—not advisors, brokers, or plan custodians—choose their own investments based on things they personally know and understand.

Why Advanta IRA?

As a leader in self-directed account administration with over 15 years of experience and $1.3 billion in client assets under management, Advanta IRA delivers expert, professional service with a personal touch.

When you choose Advanta IRA you get:

  • Industry expertise –  from attorneys, Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISP), and Self-Directed IRA Professionals (SDIP)
  • Unparalleled customer service a dedicated account manager to handle all aspects of your account
  • Free educational events – seminars, webinars, blogs, case studies, and videos

Woman telling her friend about the benefits of self-directed iras