Precious Metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum offer investors exceptional IRA diversification and potential appreciation in today’s economy.

Precious metals are often touted as a hedge against market instability and inflation. You can also purchase gold and silver bullion, as well as American Eagle gold and silver coins. The same commodities introduce unique requirements when assets are purchased for inclusion within your self-directed retirement portfolio.

Advanta IRA is a preeminent provider of self-directed plan administration and educational curriculum. While we do not offer investment advice or sell products of our own, we work with you to establish and administer your self-directed IRA strategy. We help individual investors and precious metal experts easily manage the complex requirements and regulations of their self-directed plans.

As your third-party administrator Advanta IRA acts on your behalf and at your instruction in purchasing commodities or certificates of ownership with your IRA funds. Based on your own knowledge of precious metals, you choose the desired quality, grade, price and form, and also the dealer you wish us to work with. Advanta IRA has ongoing fee agreements with several depository institutions for your convenience in storing your precious metals, or you can make other depository arrangements with any entity of your choice. You control your own investments. Our job is to provide you the tools and support that it takes to make the most of those investments.

Advanta IRA makes self-direction easy, offering convenient, local expertise backed by a recognized and trusted national brand. We provide the friendly and professional service you need to maintain total control over your retirement strategy.

Advanta IRA makes self-directing simple for you.

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