Invest For Success: Real Estate In Your IRA

Complete Guide to Real Estate IRAs

Cover of ebook, invest for success real estate IRAsThere’s a reason real estate is the most popular investment in self-directed IRAs—the value doesn’t go to zero. Real estate investments empower investors like you by providing a combination of appreciation and income.

With a real estate IRA, all income and sale proceeds from owning the property stay within the IRA and can then be reinvested in another property. All profits made by the IRA return into the account tax deferred (or possibly tax free).

Our ebook, Invest for Success: Real Estate in Your IRA, provides the information you need to get started.
You’ll get the answers to our most frequently asked questions in this guide, including:
  • What plans can be used to make my real estate investments?
  • What are the options in funding real estate investments with my IRA?
  • How is real estate in my IRA titled?
  • How are income and expenses handled?
  • How do I create an IRA LLC to make real estate investments?
  • What documentation is required when I purchase an asset?
  • Can I use an old employer 401(k) to buy real estate?
  • How do I open an account?
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