Alternative investments are those that are not the typical stock, bond, or mutual fund offered by mainstream brokerages or banks. Every administrator chooses which types of investments they allow. Advanta IRA, as a self-directed plan custodian, allows clients to use alternative assets they are familiar with to build wealth for retirement.

Alternative investments include:    

  • Real estate (residential, commercial, raw land, rentals, rehabs, private lending, tax liens/deeds)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
  • Trust deeds (like and unlike exchanges, building bonds, contract options)
  • LPs and LLCs
  • Private placements and private stock (certificates of deposit, foreign stock, tangible asset deeds, accounts receivable)                                                      
  • Commercial paper (futures, commodity and option exchanges)
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

**This list is not comprehensive. There are many diverse investments permissible in self-directed plans. Advanta IRA does not promote any particular investment products. Please consult an accountant or other financial professional for information regarding your own permissible investment opportunities.

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