Ep 9 – Level Up Your Real Estate Investments with Steven Libman

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The Alternative Investing Advantage Learn how to take control and give yourself the freedom to choose where you invest your money

In this episode of the AIA podcast, host Alex Perny welcomes Steven Libman, founder of Integrity Holdings Group. Steven explains how to add commercial real investments estate to your portfolio. He also discusses the importance of being a passive investor in these types of deals. Steven started his career as a real estate agent and has over 11 years of professional experience.

During this podcast, Steven dives deep into commercial real estate investing. He also shares his experience with multifamily and commercial self-storage investments. Additionally, Steven believes one should educate themselves about the space, listen to podcasts, and find people who resonate with their core values to be successful.

Learn more about commercial real estate investments.

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Headshot of Steve LibmanAbout Our Guest Steven Libman

Steven Libman is one of the Managing Partners of Integrity Holdings Group. Prior to Integrity, Steven began as a Realtor, and then flipped almost 1,000 properties in the residential real estate space. After getting burnt out in a very transactional, highly taxed business model, IHG moved into the multifamily and self storage space to create passive, tax advantaged income for themselves and their investors. Steven has contributed and been recognized by a number of different industry publications including Forbes, and the Top 100 in Real Estate. IHG also runs a donor advised fund where it carves out a percentage of company income to create passive income for non profits around the world. Steven has a B.A. from Boston University.

About Our Host Advanta IRA Alex PernyAlex Perny, CISP

Alex Perny is a business development specialist and host of Advanta IRA’s podcast, the Alternative Investment Advantage. He holds the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) from the American Bankers Association and is a self-described policy geek who loves diving deep to learn about the rules, regulations, and technical aspects of self-directed IRAs, employer plans, and IRS regulations.

For more than a decade, Alex has helped thousands of clients invest in precious metals, real estate syndications, private stock offerings, promissory notes, and countless other alternative assets. As an expert in his field, he has spoken across the country to thousands of investors about using retirement plans to invest outside of the stock market. Alex believes so strongly in this strategy that he self-directs his own retirement and health savings plans to invest in real estate and private equity.