Ep 63 – The Benefits of Real Estate Cash Purchases & Partnerships with Brad Hovis

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The Alternative Investing Advantage Learn how to take control and give yourself the freedom to choose where you invest your money

This week on the Alternative Investing Advantage podcast, host Alex Perny welcomes Brad Hovis for a discussion on real estate cash purchases and partnerships. Brad has purchased over 537 houses and done over $60 million worth of real estate, including hotels, office buildings, and other types of properties.

During this episode, Brad covers real estate cash purchases and partnerships. He shares his overall experience in real estate investing and how he developed his skill set to negotiate with sellers who were dealing with stressed tenants. Brad discusses the importance of finding alternative sources of funds and ways of looking at money, rather than just borrowing from banks. He also explains various ways to invest in real estate, including equity participation and debt-to-equity equity deals.

Learn more about real estate cash purchases and partnerships.

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Headshot of Brad HovisAbout Our Guest Brad Hovis

Born without a silver spoon, Brad Hovis was able to retire at age 31. His plan? Acquire cash flowing real estate across the country and retire wealth (passive income > monthly expenses). With over a decade of experience, over 350 deals, and more than $55 Million in real estate, Hovis walks through a simple, time tested plan to retire with real estate.

About Our Host Advanta IRA Alex PernyAlex Perny, CISP

Alex Perny is a business development specialist and host of Advanta IRA’s podcast, the Alternative Investment Advantage. He is a self-described policy geek who loves learning the rules and technical aspects of SDIRAs, employer plans, and IRS regulations.

For more than a decade, Alex has helped thousands invest in alternative assets. These include precious metals, real estate, private stock, notes, and countless others. Additionally, he has spoken to investors across the country about using retirement plans to invest outside the stock market. Alex believes so strongly in self-direction that he invests his own IRA and HSA in real estate and private equity.