Ep 2 – Investing in Mobile Homes with Adrian Smude

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The Alternative Investing Advantage Learn how to take control and give yourself the freedom to choose where you invest your money

This week on the Alternative Investing Advantage podcast, Alex Perny welcomes real estate investor Adrian Smude. Together, they discuss the ins and outs of investing in mobile homes and mobile home parks. Adrian has over 20 years of experience investing in real estate. He got his first taste of cash flow early on and has not looked back.

Adrian provides a deep dive into investing in mobile homes, including the strategies, pitfalls, and successes he has come across. He also shares what to look for when evaluating an investment opportunity, various financing tactics, and much more.

Learn more about investing in mobile homes.

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About Our Guest Headshot of Adrian SmudeAdrian Smude

Adrian Smude attributes much of his success to his passion for lifelong learning, which has led him to continue education courses and fostered relationships with respected mentors. He implemented what he learned, took action, and now has a successful business that fits his personality and lifestyle.

Through sharing his ideas, success, and failures Adrian hopes to inspire others to take action and create a life pursuant to their passions. Although Adrian has invested in notes, single family homes, mobile homes in parks, and wholesaled properties, Adrian settled in the niche of mobile homes with land. He has also created a great system to allow him to live his vision of being geographically free!

Adrian is passionate about teaching to ensure the knowledge from his mentors is passed on.  He also wants everyone to have the life they dream of. Adrian’s goals are to educate and inspire others to take action.

About Our Host Advanta IRA Alex PernyAlex Perny, CISP

Alex Perny is a business development specialist and host of Advanta IRA’s podcast, the Alternative Investment Advantage. He holds the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) from the American Bankers Association and is a self-described policy geek who loves diving deep to learn about the rules, regulations, and technical aspects of self-directed IRAs, employer plans, and IRS regulations.

For more than a decade, Alex has helped thousands of clients invest in precious metals, real estate syndications, private stock offerings, promissory notes, and countless other alternative assets. As an expert in his field, he has spoken across the country to thousands of investors about using retirement plans to invest outside of the stock market. Alex believes so strongly in this strategy that he self-directs his own retirement and health savings plans to invest in real estate and private equity.