Self-Directed IRAs Give You Control of Your Financial Fitness

Traditionally, the new year is a time to reflect on the goals that weren’t accomplished the year before. So, again you vow to start fresh, make significant changes, and turn it all around as you forge ahead in the new year. Many times, New Year’s resolutions include giving up bad habits, eating healthier, and working on fitness goals in order to get into “peak” shape. While having a healthy body to carry you through to your golden years is important, you need to make sure that your retirement accounts are in “peak” shape as well. This article explains how self-directed IRAs give you control of your financial fitness in retirement.

Most people look forward to their retirement years, but a recent Forbes article states that one in five Americans have nothing saved for retirement, while many that have retirement plans don’t have enough to A happy male investor jumping up and down on the beach because he's learned how self-directed IRAs give you control over investment decisions.last through retirement.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Even if you have an existing IRA, if it’s not producing the returns you need it to—you’re going to miss the mark of having adequate funds you need when you retire.

Worrying about finances is stressful and can negatively impact your physical health. With today’s ever-changing financial landscape, it’s more important than ever to take control of building your own retirement wealth.

In years past, you may have relied on a broker to manage your retirement accounts, which contain the usual mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. These are traditional assets those brokers sell—and you’re limited to those holdings unless you choose to explore other options. And, there are plenty of other options your broker probably hasn’t even told you about.

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Self-Directed IRAs:
Take Control of Your Retirement Funds


Did you know you can choose your own investments for your retirement portfolio? (Things like Bitcoin, real estate, private equity, and more!)

Many people don’t realize that they can manage their own investments with a self-directed IRA and invest in things they know and understand. Self-directed IRAs give you control over your investments. You can invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private lending, hedge funds, precious metals, startups, and so much more can be a profitable way to build wealth in and diversify your portfolio.

How do you gain access to alternative assets?

Self-Directed IRAs Give You Control so Your Financial Fitness Can Reach Its Peak

As you look forward and re-evaluate your life choices for the coming year, understand that it’s not too late to start saving. According to CNBC, most families have little or no retirement savings which is not where you want to be. 

Start the new year with a smart financial plan and change the course of your retirement future with a self-directed IRA. Get some tips on saving and budgeting in our Financial Fitness Plan to Get Your Retirement in Shape article we previously published. Make an appointment with a self-directed plan administrator, and learn more about turning your retirement into the golden years that you dream of! 

Your 2018 New Year’s Path to Taking Control of Your Retirement Future

  • Choose an experienced, trusted self-directed plan administrator, such as Advanta IRA, to administrate your self-directed plan.
  • Open the plan by rolling over or transferring an existing retirement account or make an annual contribution to your newly established plan.
  • Choose your investments based on your knowledge and experience.

Start the new year right, and make your resolution for a healthier and happier financial future today!

If you have questions about self-directed IRAs, be sure to schedule your free consultation. We are happy to answer questions you may have pertaining to self-directed retirement accounts and the rules that govern them. If you are ready to start the year off right and open your new self-directed IRA, we’re ready to assist you! 

About Scott Maurer

Scott Maurer, Vice President of Sales for Advanta IRA, is a recognized expert in the field of self-directed IRAs. With a law degree from the University of Florida and as a designated Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), Scott’s keen understanding of rules and regulations fuels his passion to educate others on the power of investing in alternative assets using self-directed IRAs. Scott is a frequent guest on retirement and investing webinars and podcasts, and he has shown thousands of individuals how to achieve financial freedom by teaching them how to use their retirement funds to invest in private placements, real estate, private lending, and more. Throughout his two decades in the industry, he has watched numerous unique investments unfold, giving him great perspective of what is possible when people take control of their retirement funds and investing decisions.