Meet Jennifer Butler, Atlanta Realtor and Graduate of Advanta IRA University

Advanta IRA is pleased to announce that Atlanta-area Realtor® Jennifer Butler has completed Advanta IRA University (Advanta U) courses and now holds the honorable title of self-directed IRA specialist.

Advanta U is a series of sophisticated yet simple educational courses designed to teach certain professionals about self-directed IRAs. Graduates receive an IRA specialist designation and enough knowledge to benefit themselves and their clients by knowing how these plans work to build tax-free or tax-deferred income for retirement.

Advanta U offers courses at no cost to CPAs, realtors, and attorneys to provide powerful knowledge of self-directed retirement plans. Upon graduation, these individuals are able to facilitate better service to existing clients and also cultivate an entirely new class of clients—who are investors. Additionally, graduates also learn how to control their own investment funds and decisions using self-directed IRAs.

“Successful Atlanta-area realtor, Jennifer Butler, has completed Advanta U courses and received a certificate of accomplishment that touts her as a self-directed IRA specialist,” says Jack Callahan, managing partner of Advanta IRA Administration. “As an IRA specialist, Butler can better serve her clients, attract new clients, and also help industry professionals understand how self-directed IRAs use alternative investments like real estate to build retirement wealth.”

Butler is a Realtor® with PalmerHouse Properties and is also a member of the Fayette County Board of Realtors. She was excited to attend Advanta U, as learning about self-directed accounts was one of her goals. “I have been interested in learning about self-directed IRAs for some time now,” says Butler. “I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn more from Advanta IRA in such a fantastic joint platform.”

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Find events offered weekly that count towards IRA specialist designation by visiting the Advanta IRA event calendar and look for courses marked Advanta U. While some courses require participation in a live class, the self-directed retirement administrator does offer webinars and can sometimes substitute those for a live event to make participation work at the student’s convenience.