Learn the Basics of Real Estate Investing from John Schaub: Webinar Recap

This webinar was a lively session with guest John Schaub, a highly successful real estate investor, who shared his tips for success. Topics covered include the basics of real estate investing, managing properties, working with other investors, and navigating changing market conditions. He also touched on how self-directed Roth IRAs make excellent investing vehicles to generate retirement income from property assets.

This was a short webinar lasting about 30 minutes. It’s worth checking out the recorded version, especially for the Q&A session at the end. However, if you prefer reading, you can see the key takeaways we outline in this article below.

Key speakers

Host: Larissa Green, Director of Education and Business Development Specialist at Advanta IRA

Guest: John Schaub, renowned real estate investor and educator

Key Takeaways on the Basics of Real Estate Investing

1. There are always opportunities in real estate, regardless of the state of the market.

John Schaub emphasized that despite market fluctuations and varying economic climates, real estate always presents potential. He also mentioned it’s important to remember that you don’t want the average tenant or the average house; you want to do better than average in all categories. All of this is achieved by being thoughtful and constantly improving your skills and knowledge in real estate.

2. Managing tenants in rental property correctly is essential.

Schaub suggested that houses are easier to manage than other types of properties and that landlords should aim to have long-term tenants. He stated, “I want to rent to somebody who’s thinking long-term, who values the house.” He added, “We see our tenants as team players…it just makes your life better.” Schaub also recommended delegating responsibility to tenants and treating managing the property as a 9-5 job to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

3. Continuous learning and having a strategy to make deals safe are critical basics.

Schaub advocates for continuous learning, teaching, and having a strategy in place to make deals safe for investors. He emphasized the value of working with other people and learning how to invest with others as a critical skill in the real estate business.

Another tip on real estate investing from Schaub was to manage a property long enough for it to double in value. He feels if you learn how to do these things, you have unlimited opportunity.

4. Don’t ignore the potential of the next generation of real estate investors.Image of two hands shaking across a desk with a model house on it to illustrate real estate investing with John Schaub.

Schaub discussed the potential of getting the next generation involved in real estate, whether they are the children of current investors or new investors themselves. He believes involving future generations is a notable topic—because there’s a right and wrong way to do it. He suggested that younger generations should learn the basics of real estate investing from experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Additionally, they can gain understanding from their parents or other mentors in the business.

5. Learn the value of Roth IRAs for real estate investing.

For those who want to build retirement wealth, Shaub highlighted the importance of setting up a Roth IRA for real estate investing for those who want to build retirement wealth. He explained that the profits from investments grow tax-free in a Roth IRA. “If you can make several million dollars in your Roth, and it’s tax-free when you take it out, you’ve done something very, very wise,” he said. This underscores the value of integrating tax-advantaged retirement accounts into a comprehensive real estate investment strategy.

Summary of Insights on the Basics of Real Estate Investing from John Schaub

  • Investing in real estate requires understanding the market conditions and having strategies in place to deal with changes.
  • Managing properties and tenants effectively is crucial to successful real estate investing.
  • It’s beneficial to invest with others and share profits, especially when starting out.
  • There are opportunities in every market, and the key is to identify and capitalize on them.
  • It’s important to continue learning and improving in the real estate business.
  • Self-directed Roth IRAs present a solid strategy to invest in building tax-free retirement income.

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