Avoiding Risk as a Real Estate Investor (by Clayton Morris)

Any new venture can be intimidating, and that’s certainly the case with real estate investing. I hear questions constantly from new or prospective investors who are worried about risk. Sure, there are horror stories about investors who lost it all, but if you play your cards right and put a few safeguards in place, you are very unlikely to encounter issues.

In order to mitigate risk in real estate investing, you should know that you can’t do it alone.

It’s important to build a strong team that is well versed in the areas that you are not. Without the right team in place, you’re likely to make some mistakes.

It’s also incredibly important to not overspend.

Don’t overspend on the purchase of the property. Don’t go overboard with upgrades either. When you pour too much into your properties, you’re decreasing your overall return. Check out my videos on the top three renovations that are a waste of money, as well as how to determine how much to spend on a rehab! 

Invest in the right areas.

Personally, I like to invest in C class neighborhoods. The tenants are hardworking blue-collar Americans. If your tenants are stable, you’re more likely to have consistent rental income year-round.

Work with an experienced property management team.

Find a company that will thoroughly assess the applicants in order to find reliable tenants. Work with a team that is local to your property and knowledgeable about the market. This will ensure great tenants and fewer vacancies. Want to know how to hire the right team? Here’s a list of five questions you should ask a property management company.

Purchase your property in landlord friendly states.

If you have to go through an eviction, you’ll want to be in states where the legislation is on your side. In states that favor tenants, it can be extremely difficult to remove a tenant who isn’t paying their rent.

If you follow these five tips, you’ll be sure to mitigate risk in real estate investing!

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About the author:

Clayton Morris photoClayton Morris is the former FOX News anchor who left television after achieving financial freedom. Now he devotes himself to helping other people build passive income and achieve financial freedom. He runs a turnkey real estate company called Morris Invest. Clayton is also the host of Investing in Real Estate podcast, which has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties. The podcast utilizes expert interviews, case studies with normal everyday investors, and Clayton’s own methods for achieving passive income.

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