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The Power of Real Estate IRAs

Real estate is the number one alternative investment held in self-directed IRAs. Also known as real estate IRAs, these plans allow owners to acquire assets of their choice to earn tax-sheltered retirement income. Agents and brokers who understand the money-making opportunity these accounts present are powerful resources for their clients and potential clients.

There are over $29 trillion in holdings inside retirement plans across the United States. Learn how you can tap into this resource by explaining to your clients how they can use their retirement funds to invest in real estate. You can also increase the growth of your own retirement plan by putting your skills to work and investing in what you know best.

Advanta IRA employs a seamless process for you and your clients, delivering service you can trust.

How Agents & Brokers Benefit

  • Greater commission potential when you can sell more homes with this strategy and expand your client database.
  • Show your clients a new way to invest in real estate.
  • Distinguish yourself from your fellow agents and brokers and position yourself as a specialist in the area.
  • Access to seminars, including CE courses, to educate you, fellow agents and brokers, and your clients.
  • Assistance in the closing process, help with titling, contract verbiage, closing statements, and deeds.
  • Personalized marketing materials designed to raise awareness about self-direction and generate sales.
  • Grow your own retirement account by using your knowledge to invest.

Real Estate Agent proudly stands in front of a home that he is selling

Couple reviewing real estate listing as they plan their next investment

How Your Clients Benefit

  • Access to a new source of capital to invest.
  • Fast and easy processing and funding of the initial investment and ongoing expenses.
  • One-on-one service from a dedicated account manager who also works with their agent and broker.
  • No need for bank financing to buy their next investment property.
  • Use their IRA to partner with friends and family to invest in properties they could not have bought alone.

Become a Professional Resource with Advanta IRA University

Advanta IRA University (Advanta U) is a specialized educational platform designed to help you become a self-directed IRA specialist and be listed as a professional resource on our website.

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