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What are the Benefits of Self-Directed IRAs?

The U.S. retirement account market holds over $30T in assets. This is an untapped resource for private equity firms, investors and syndicators, and others seeking to raise investment capital.

  • Self-directed IRAs give your clients the freedom to use their IRA or old 401(k) to choose their own investments.
  • These accounts provide an additional source of capital besides an individual’s personal funds, which expands your investor pool.

Unlock Trillions in Investment Capital

Advanta IRA provides a streamlined process to onboard new investors who are using their IRAs to invest with you.
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Step 1: Submit Investment Paperwork
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Step 2: Investor Opens a Self-Directed IRA
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Step 3: Complete the Investment
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Step 4: Going Forward
  • Submit your prospectus, subscription documents, etc. to Advanta IRA.
  • Providing this paperwork to us in advance, streamlines the process and allows us to create a template for your documents to make the process faster and smoother for each future investor.

Submit Documents Here

  • Your investors must open a self-directed IRA before making an investment. They can click the open account button below or contact our office at 800.425.0653. It only takes 15 minutes to complete the new account paperwork.
  • During the account opening process, we work with your investors to facilitate a timely transfer or rollover of funds from their other IRA or 401(k) custodians to ensure they meet any investment deadlines.

Open an Account

  • Your account manager works with you and each investor to ensure all investment paperwork is titled in the name of the investor’s IRA, ex. Advanta IRA FBO James Smith IRA #12345.
  • Your investors must fill out our Private Placement Authorization form directing us to make the investment and then approve all paperwork.
  • Advanta IRA signs the approved documents on behalf of the IRA, submits the signed forms, and transfer funds from the investor’s account per their direction.
  • After the investment is complete, any future distributions or dividends are paid to your investor’s Advanta IRA. We accept funds via check, ACH, or wire transfer.
  • Your investor can track their incoming deposits through our online portal.
  • As the IRA administrator, Advanta IRA must file the annual fair market value of your investor’s account each year. Your assistance is needed to help determine those fair market values.

Why Use Self-directed IRAs?

Many people are not aware they can use retirement funds to invest without taking a taxable distribution from their current plan. Self-directed plans open the door for an individual to choose their own investments and give them the liberty of investing in alternative assets.

Self-directed IRA and 401(k) owners can invest their retirement funds with you and build tax-sheltered retirement income on the returns.

In fact, a growing number of traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and former employer plans like 401(k)s are used to invest in a myriad of alternative assets. Investments like private equity, crowdfunding, startups, multifamily real estate, and much more are available to individuals who own self-directed retirement plans.

Benefits of Working with Advanta IRA for You & Your Clients

For Investment Providers/Platforms

  • Gain access to a new source of capital from existing and potential investors.
  • Grow client base of individuals who invest with self-directed IRAs.
  • Streamlined process with DocuSign.
  • Unlike other custodians, we do not perform legal reviews of your documents that significantly delay the investing process.
  • Personal account manager for all of your investors so you have one point of contact.
  • Branded landing page on our website and marketing collateral to help inform investors about using their IRAs to invest with you.

For Investors

  • Ability to use two sources of investment capital—their retirement dollars and their personal funds.
  • Potential to earn higher returns investing with you than in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Earn tax-deferred or tax-free wealth for retirement.
  • Diversify a portion of their portfolio that isn’t dependent on the stock market.
  • One dedicated account manager to handle all their account needs.
  • Free educational events and tools that inform and empower them to confidently invest.
  • We charge a flat fee, not a percentage of the asset value.

Download Our Investing Checklist


Investing in real estate with retirement funds

Advanta IRA makes the process simple for your clients to buy their next investment property.
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Step 1: Open & Fund a Real Estate IRA
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Step 2: Find Property & Make an Offer
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Step 3: Close the Deal
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Step 4: Maintain Investments
  • Open a real estate IRA with the open account button below or contact our office at 800.425.0653. It takes 15 minutes.
  • During the account opening process, we work with the investor to facilitate a timely transfer or rollover of the funds from their existing IRA or 401(k) custodian.

Open an Account

  • The investor submits an offer on the property in the name of their IRA, ex. Advanta IRA FBO James Smith IRA #12345.
  • The contract must be initialed by the investor and forwarded to the investor’s Advanta IRA account manager, along with the Real Estate Purchase Authorization form.
  • Upon receipt of the contract, an Advanta IRA representative executes the contract on behalf of the IRA and issues funds for an earnest money deposit.
  • The investor’s account manager works with the closing agent or attorney to ensure all the closing documents (deed, settlement statement, title policy, etc.) properly reflect the IRA as the property owner.
  • Once the investor has reviewed and approved the documents, Advanta IRA executes all the closing documents on behalf of the IRA and wires funds to the closing agent or attorney to complete the purchase.
  • The property deed is recorded in the name of the IRA and sent to Advanta IRA for safekeeping.
  • Advanta IRA issues payments for expenses out of cash in the IRA and processes incoming deposits into the IRA.
  • Investors must follow certain IRS rules when investing in real estate.
  • Investors have access to our online portal to request expense payments and to view their transaction history.
  • Advanta IRA makes all necessary IRS filings each year for the IRA including the annual fair market value of the property, which the investor must provide to us.

The Power of Real Estate IRAs

Real estate is the number one alternative investment held in self-directed IRAs. Also known as real estate IRAs, these plans allow the account owner to choose the assets for their IRA instead of relying on the publicly-traded assets offered by brokerage houses. Income (rents, leases, profits from sales) from the property grows in the account either tax-deferred (traditional IRA) or tax-free (Roth IRA).

Agents and brokers who understand the money-making opportunity these accounts present are powerful resources for their clients and potential clients.

Show your clients how to use their retirement funds to invest in real estate that you help them find. Advanta IRA can help with our seamless process for you and your clients, delivering service you can trust.

Benefits of Working with Advanta IRA for You & Your Clients

For Agents & Brokers

  • Greater commission potential when your clients acquire more properties using this new funding source.
  • Access to events, including CE courses, to educate you and your clients.
  • Assistance in the closing process, help with titling, contract verbiage, closing statements, and deeds.
  • Personalized marketing materials to raise awareness  and generate sales.
  • Grow your own retirement account by using your knowledge to invest.

For Your Clients

  • Access to a new source of investment capital.
  • Tax-deferred (or tax-free) gains on rent and/or sale of property.
  • Fast and easy processing and funding of investments and ongoing expenses.
  • One-on-one service from a dedicated account manager who also works with their agent and/or broker.
  • No need for bank financing to buy investment property.
  • Use their IRA to partner funds with personal cash, friends, and family to invest in properties they could not have bought alone.

Download our Real Estate Investing Checklist


Become a Professional Resource with Advanta IRA University

Advanta IRA University (Advanta U) is a specialized educational platform designed to help you become a self-directed IRA specialist and be listed as a professional resource on our website. Our curriculum is designed with real estate professionals in mind. We make it easy for you to learn all you need to know about real estate in IRAs.

Learn More

Financial Advisors, CPAs, and Attorneys

When your clients want to invest in alternative assets, Advanta IRA is your trusted resource to ensure a straightforward and simple process for you and your clients.
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Step 1: Client Opens & Funds a Self-Directed IRA
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Step 2: Secure an Investment
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Step 3: Complete Paperwork
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Step 4: Going Forward
  • Your client can open their self-directed IRA by clicking on the open an account button below or contacting our office at 800.425.0653. It only takes 15 minutes to complete the new account paperwork.
  • During the account opening process, we work with you and your client to ensure a timely transfer or rollover of funds from their other IRA or 401(k) custodian.

Open an Account

  • To purchase an investment, your client contacts their Advanta IRA account manager so they can advise them on what paperwork is required and facilitate the process.
  • If you are assisting your client with this investment, the account manager may also contact you for insight and guidance. If you have any of the investment paperwork, you can provide those documents to the account manager directly to help expedite the process.
  • Your client’s Advanta IRA account manager ensures all contracts, subscription documents, and other investment paperwork properly reflect the IRA as the asset’s investor/owner: Advanta IRA FBO James Smith IRA #12345
  • Your client must review and approve all investment documents.
  • An Advanta IRA representative executes all documents that need to be signed and transmits funds from the IRA to complete the investment.
  • All income from the investment is paid to and all expenses are paid from your client’s IRA.
  • Your client can track account history through our online portal.
  • With your client's approval, we can provide you with copies of annual statements, tax forms, and online portal access.
  • Advanta IRA makes all necessary IRS filings each year, including the annual fair market value of the IRA’s holdings. Your assistance may be needed to help determine those fair market values.

Innovative Investing for Your Clients

Individuals count on their CPAs, financial advisors, and attorneys to provide insights and strategies that to help them secure their financial future. As a trusted advisor, you help them implement the best tactics to maximize the earnings in their investment and retirement portfolios.

When your clients come to you with an investment option (like real estate, private loans, private placements, startups, etc.) that cannot be held in their current account, you can provide them with a solution—a self-directed IRA.

Advisors who understand the power and flexibility self-directed IRAs offer are incredible assets to their clients.

We don’t compete with you as we don’t sell investments or give investing, tax, or legal advice. We simply work together with your clients to ensure they have the best options available to build maximum wealth for their futures.

Benefits of Working with Advanta IRA for You & Your Clients

For Advisors

  • Grow your client base and stand apart from your competition by showing your clients an investment funding source they didn’t know they had.
  • Offer your clients a way to diversify their retirement portfolios and expand their investment opportunities.
  • Provide your clients with a trusted firm that can hold their alternative assets and facilitate those transactions.
  • Have a dedicated account manager to work with you and your clients.
  • Educational tools and events to help you and your clients learn about the power of self-direction.
  • Access to our online portal for you to monitor and track your clients’ investments.

For Your Clients

  • Invest a portion of their funds in alternative assets to take advantage of investment opportunities.
  • Opportunity to diversify among asset classes and reduce exposure to the ups and downs of the stock market.
  • Use self-directed ESAs and HSAs to cover qualified health care and education costs.
  • Get fast and easy processing and funding for new accounts and investments.
  • Work with one dedicated account manager.
  • Receive accurate recordkeeping services for their investments.
  • Weekly educational programs that provide timely investment tips and strategies.

Providing Record-Keeping Services

Advanta IRA specializes in helping your clients purchase alternative assets inside their existing qualified plans.
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Step 1: Check Current Plan
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Step 2: Open & Fund a Recordkeeping Account
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Step 3: Make the Investment
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Step 4: Going Forward
  • This process often begins with the participant/trustee's desire to segregate a portion of their funds into this qualified recordkeeping account to invest in alternative assets.
  • Your client’s existing retirement plan document must be reviewed to ensure participants are permitted to hold alternative assets in the plan. If the plan document is unclear, an amendment to the plan may need to be drafted to give participants this option underneath the plan. With single participant qualified plans, an amendment is usually unnecessary.
  • The trustee and/or plan participant must open a recordkeeping account that is held and titled in the name of the current qualified plan. The trustee of the plan (and the participant, if different from the trustee) must sign the account opening documents.
  • The plan's trustee directs an intra-plan transfer of funds from the current custodian to this recordkeeping account. The participant can also make their annual contribution directly into this Advanta IRA account.

Open a RecordKeeping Account

  • The participant tells their Advanta IRA account manager what investment they want to make.
  • Your client’s account manager advises what paperwork is needed and works to ensure all contracts, subscription documents, and other investment paperwork properly reflect the qualified plan as the investor/owner of the asset.
  • After your client reviews, approves, and signs all investment documents, an Advanta IRA representative send funds from the plan account to complete the investment.
  • All investment income is paid to your client’s Advanta IRA account and expenses are paid from their account.
  • Your client can track their transaction history with our online portal. We can also provide you with a portal username and password so you can view your clients account activity.
  • To assist you with your annual reporting duties, Advanta IRA:
    • Requires an updated asset valuation from your client.
    • Provides you with the updated valuation and your client’s statement for your required IRS reporting.

Expand Your Investment Offerings

More people than ever are taking control of their retirement accounts and investing in real estate, private placements, private loans, startups, and much more. Many peoples are looking to hold these assets within their existing qualified plans.

Advanta IRA offers a straightforward solution for you and your clients to achieve this goal.

Third-party administrators can offer the ability to invest in assets like these to the employers (and employees) who use their services. If your clients want more diverse investment options for their qualified plans, Advanta IRA can work with you to offer self-direction as an option.

Advanta IRA acts as the recordkeeper for alternative investments and handles the day-to-day record-keeping of these assets inside a qualified plan. Your firm continues to handle the administrative tasks for the plan, including plan testing and 5500 reporting. Advanta IRA provides easy, efficient processing and funding, as well as annual statements for each account for you to include in your annual reports.

Benefits of Working with Advanta IRA for You & Your Clients

How Third-Party Administrators Benefit

  • Offer clients more diverse assets than other TPAs or brokerage firms are able to.
  • Acquire a trusted partner who acts as recordkeeper for alternative assets your clients’ plans.
  • Receive accurate annual reports and online access to use in your annual IRS reporting.
  • Access to educational tools for you and your clients to learn about self-directed accounts and alternative investments.
  • A dedicated account manager who works with you and your clients to ensure a seamless process.
  • Advanta IRA offers your clients the ability to perform in-kind rollovers into IRAs when their plans are terminating.

How Your Clients Benefit

  • Use a portion of their qualified plan with you to invest in alternative assets without having to terminate their current plan.
  • Acquire trusted recordkeeping services to receive income and pay expenses related to assets in the plan and access to our online portal to manage these assets.
  • Have a dedicated account manager to work with them during each investment process and beyond.
  • Access to educational tools and events that help them learn about alternative investments.
  • Seamless in-kind rollover to a self-directed IRA when the plan is terminated, allowing them to continue to own the alternative asset in a tax-advantaged account.

Raising Capital?

Learn how you can unlock trillions in investment capital
with self-directed IRAs.

The Advanta IRA Advantage

As an elite self-directed IRA service provider with almost 20 years of experience, Advanta IRA is the best and most qualified self-directed IRA partner to work with. Our team is comprised of attorneys and CFPs, and many hold the prestigious designation of Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP).

We do not sell investments or offer investing advice. We do not compete with financial or other advisors for your clients’ business. We work in tandem with you and your clients and help ensure their self-directed plans comply with IRS rules. We maintain the administrative details of their plans so you can focus on helping them determine how best to reinvest the returns. We treat your clients like you treat your clients, which is why our service is unparalleled in our industry.