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Advanta IRA Self-Directed IRA Resources in the Carolinas and Tennessee

Self-directed IRAs are powerful plans that can help you reach your retirement goals.

Advanta IRA is a leading self-directed IRA services provider with over 20 years of experience and almost $3 billion in client assets under management. Our corporate headquarters is in Tampa Bay, with a team of Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISPs), Self-Directed IRA Professionals (SDIPs), and attorneys who assist our clients across the nation. We do not provide investment or legal advice, but we help ensure your investing experience with self-directed plans is a flawless, easy process.

In addition to an office in Atlanta that supports Georgia and its surrounding states, we have a dedicated account services manager who serves Tennessee, as well as North and South Carolina. The teams at all our locations offer outstanding customer service with a personal touch, in person and virtually if needed. We attend and present events in these locations, and we provide physical as well as online educational content to empower you as an investor.

Advanta IRA’s self-directed IRA services help maintain proper recordkeeping of your account, compliant with IRS regulations. Your dedicated account manager files reports on your behalf, issues statements, and helps you follow contribution limits and permissible transaction guidelines. We handle the administration of your account so you can focus on finding investments.


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When you work with Advanta IRA, you receive access to:

  • A dedicated account manager for all your needs
  • Free, interactive webinars every week
  • Virtual networking events that connect investors with investment opportunities
  • Live seminars and events in the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee areas
  • Workshops in your professional location

Our webinars and events feature speakers who provide expert tips, guidance, and thought leadership to help you learn to invest wisely.

Whether you are looking to invest in real estate, private equity, precious metals, or any other alternative asset—Advanta IRA is here to help you achieve your goals.

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