A self-directed plan is a unique investment account that allows alternative investments to be held as assets that can potentially build tax-free or tax-deferred wealth at a faster pace than traditional methods may.

The term self-directed simply means that the owner of the account has control over what investments that account makes. By doing so, self-directed IRA owners are taking control of their own retirement futures…by investing in what they know and understand.

Although IRAs are the most popular self-directed plan type, there are other types of plans that can be self-directed:

Self-directed plans can certainly hold the traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but the myriad of alternative investments are what attract owners of these accounts. Self-directed IRAs and other plans can acquire real estate, hold mortgages and notes, private placements (like LLCs and trusts), precious metals, invest in foreign currency and participate in futures trading and other investment options.

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