Advanta Trust – Ft. Myers, Florida

We are local.  We are trusted. Advanta IRA leads our industry in self-directed retirement plan administration.

Building wealth for retirement can be challenging in today’s world, and choosing the right administrator for your self-directed IRA is critical to your success. Advanta Trust believes providing professional and personalized service is one of the most important components of our business. Our offices are located in Ft. Myers, Florida, but we serve clients across the nation using this philosophy to make self-direction easy and successful for you.

A truly self-directed IRA allows you to invest in non-traditional assets, such as real estate IRAsmortgage loansprivate placements and much more.  Diversity is the key to building wealth in your retirement account, and Advanta IRA makes it easy for you to do just that.  We believe that the only way to guarantee successful returns within your IRA is by investing in what YOU know best.  In today’s economic environment, savvy investors are taking control of their futures by using self-directed IRAs to invest in non-traditional investments (real estate IRAsmortgagesprivate placements and more) to maximize the growth of their retirement accounts.

Our education tools are empowering. Our staff is experienced.  We deliver the services and possess the expertise you need in order to successfully diversify your retirement portfolio and realize the maximum benefits possible.  By choosing to self-direct your retirement plan, you are taking control of your own future and allowing yourself the ability to invest in things you know.  By partnering with Advanta IRA, you gain access to free workshops and other resources to learn more about investment opportunities you may not be familiar with, and would like to know more about.

We make no commission.  We don’t sell any investments. We work at your direction to fully administrate the needs and requirements of investments that you choose.  As your retirement account administrator, Advanta IRA ensures all elements of the facilitation of your account are performed properly and in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.  We file reports on your behalf, issue statements and help you follow contribution limits and permissible transaction guidelines.

Real Estate IRAs – download our free eBook and get started today! This book covers topics on self-direction, how real estate IRAs work and what types of real estate you can purchase, prohibited transactions and a step-by-step guide to partnering with a self-directed IRA administrator. Visit to download your copy now.
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