Advanta IRA Client Referral Program

Want a free self-directed IRA? Here’s your chance to offset administrative fees and get exactly that!

Advanta IRA Services in Largo, Florida, and Advanta IRA Administration in Atlanta, Georgia, are offering clients an exclusive opportunity to offset administrative costs of their IRAs.

We appreciate our current clients’ loyalty and realize you are our best source for new clients. Clients who have successfully self-directed IRAs realize the wealth-building potential these accounts can offer. We’d like to ask you again to help spread the word and raise awareness about the potential of self-directed accounts. Tell fellow investors, family and friends why Advanta IRA is your preferred administrator. Explain how, through self-direction, you are able control your own investments by choosing alternative assets that you know and understand.

For helping Advanta IRA spread the word about self-directed accounts and alternative investments – we would like to show our thanks through our Client Referral Program.

Use this referral voucher to give to interested parties and receive $50 off your administration fees the year following the date they become our client. New clients can present this voucher to receive $10 off their application fee as thanks for choosing Advanta IRA to administer their accounts.

Refer enough new clients and you can earn voucher credit to pay for your IRA administration fees the following year!

How it works.

Print it out and fill your name in the space provided for existing client. Fill in the name of the person you give the voucher to. If your referral decides to become a client of Advanta IRA, he or she must submit the voucher at the time they submit their application. Vouchers presented after the fact will not be accepted.

What happens next?

•Advanta IRA will contact you to thank you and let you know your referral became a client.

•Existing clients receive a $50 credit towards future administrative fees in the year following the date their referral becomes a client of Advanta IRA.

•New clients referred by an existing client receive $10 off the new account application fee.

Of special note:

•Coupon will not be converted as a cash rebate and can only be applied to future fees (existing clients) or as a discount on a new application fee (new clients).

•The client referral coupon must be filled out in its entirety.

•The coupon must be submitted at the same time the new account forms are submitted. Coupons presented after the fact are not accepted.

•$50 credit to existing clients only applies to future fees, not previous invoices or past due fees. $10 credit can only be applied to the new application fees.

•This promotion is not valid for existing clients opening a second account. New client is defined as an individual (or entity) who has never been a client of Advanta IRA in the past.

•The referral voucher is not valid in conjunction with other offers.

•Offer expires May 31, 2014. Valid only for Advanta IRA Administration (Atlanta, GA) and Advanta IRA Services (Largo, FL) locations.